Determining tree removal needs on your property in Augusta GA | CSRA isn’t as easy as you would think. Trees on your property perform a very important role, so it’s always best to save a tree before tree removal is thought of. However, they can lead to more problems than benefits. Age and safety of your trees in the CSRA area are the first indicators of needing tree removal services in Augusta and surrounding areas.

In time, trees that become too old or too much of a risk to keep around, will require tree removal. Otherwise, The Arbory Tree Service recommends to try to maintain keeping the tree(s) by having maintenance tree services done, including tree cutting, pruning, cabling, venting and other options that can help to extend the life of the trees on your property. If you notice your tree(s) dying or are a risk to the safety of people and property, give The Arbory Tree Service a call for your free consultation. There are a few ways that you, the property owner can identify whether a tree is dying or needs attention but it’s always recommended to contact us for a professional evaluation.

How to Identify a Tree that May be Dying or a Safety Risk:

  • Look for loose or falling branches by visually scanning the tree and it’s branches.
  • Leaning (if the leaning is relatively new) is another indicator that your tree may need help.
  • Check the ground around the trunk of the tree for decay or damage.
  • Inspect the trunk itself for any obvious signs of issues (large cracks, etc)

If you notice any of the above, you should contact The Arbory Tree Service in Augusta and CSRA as soon as possible, as you may have a risk as bad as a tree getting ready to fall.

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