Stump Removal in Augusta and the CSRA can be an easy tree service or a difficult, painstaking chore.
When not using the proper equipment, stump removal / grinding can be dangerous and counter-effective. Let The Arbory, professional stump removal experts in Augusta and the CSRA, do the hard work for you! We have all of the necessary equipment and knowledge to get the job done right and even clean up after we’re done!

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When hiring a company for tree service in Augusta and the CSRA, it’s ideal to have your tree stump removal when having the tree itself removed. In some cases, the stump is left behind. Stump Removal is important because it helps to ensure safety, improve appearances, and avoid attracting insects and freeing up some space on your property. Here are a few things to think about when debating on having tree professional stump removal in Augusta and the CSRA:

  • Decaying Stumps Attract Insects. Stumps can cause quite a problem when left on your property. A decaying stump, although will rot away completely over a very long period of time, brings with it a variety of pests, including termites and ants. They will start at the stump and spread to other places on your property, including your home.
  • Free Up Space. Property size is different for each and every piece of land. However, it’s always a good thing to be able to maximize the potential space that can be used. This includes stump removal in Augusta GA. The Arbory can help you gain that space back, leaving you room to do just about whatever you like with the newly gained area.
  • Safety and Appearance. Mowing near stumps or having activities near stumps can cause damage to equipment or people / pets. Get that stump out of there and have some fun instead of worrying about who or what is being affected by the tree stump(s) on your property.

Whether you need tree removal and stump removal or just stump removal from an old tree removal in Augusta and the CSRA, The Arbory has you covered!

Doing your "homework" before contacting a tree service company in Augusta GA will help to save your time and to prevent any possibility of the service causing damage. The Arbory is an insured, 100% positively rated and reviewed tree service in Augusta GA. Check with various websites and social media, you will find that The Arbory is top-notch when it comes to having proper tree care in Augusta GA.

One of the most obvious signs of proper tree care in Augusta GA is when a company provides just as great of a cleanup as they do the actual work performed. The Arbory prides ourselves on both our workmanship and our cleanup. Our clients agree!!

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