Pine trees in Augusta GA are a great part of our little place on the map, but is your pine tree(s) in their best condition?

Pine Tree Removal in Augusta GA is best done by a local Augusta GA tree removal company. The Arbory is 100% fully insured, well established, trusted and highly reviewed. Let us help you with all of your tree removal needs in Augusta, CSRA and more!

A Few Signs That Your Pine Tree in Augusta May be Sick:

Weak Areas:

Weak areas of a tree are known to cause problems if left untreated. Broken branches are common but when you are seeing an overwhelming amount of broken branches / limbs, then you should call The Arbory Tree Service in Augusta | CSRA. Those areas where the breaks are more prominent shows signs of fungal infection. Parts of your tree trunk can also be weakened by this same fungal infection.

Pine Tree Needle Color:

Brown and / or discolored needles on your pine tree in Augusta GA | CSRA is a sure-fire sign that your tree is not getting enough water or may even have a disease or infestation. Have The Arbory Tree Service come and give you a free consultation today.

Loss of Needles:

Pine trees shed their needles in the late summer months. But when your tree is shedding more than usual, be sure not to ignore the problem, as there may be a problem. Insufficient watering, among other reasons, can lead to tree problems and you should call The Arbory Tree Service in Augusta GA | CSRA for your free consultation.

As you can tell, there’s quite a bit of effort that goes into detecting and handling a sick or dead Pine tree. Below is a video that addresses fungal diseases on Pine trees. Being informed is the first part of taking care of the problem.

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