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Finding a trusted, reliable tree removal service in Aiken GA and the CSRA is not always the easiest thing to do. The Arbory is completely insured and employ only experienced workers who have a passion and drive to achieve excellence in both customer service and professional workmanship. Being well reviewed across the internet and well established, there's no reason to take a risk with another tree service company in Aiken GA, Augusta GA, Harlem GA, and Surrounding Areas.

Tree Removal in Aiken GA - Normally, it can be a pain to find the right company for tree service and removal in Aiken, Augusta and the surrounding areas in GA. When it comes to a dead or dying tree(s), it's not always easy to spot when you need to have tree removal, tree stump removal or just hazardous areas of trees removed. In this blog, we point out various signs and symptoms of dead and dying trees. Remember, when it comes to tree removal or tree stump removal, always hire an insured and highly reviewed company, such as The Arbory, to avoid fraudulent and / or bad service.

Signs of Dying Trees

There are various signs of when a tree is dying or is in need of attention. Here are a few:

  • Structure: Knowing when it's time for tree removal in Aiken GA, Augusta or the Surrounding Areas is key when it comes to your property being safe. Wiht that in mind, tree structure is important in detecting when your property needs attention. Leaning, odd shape and growth patterns can be an easy sign that you need to get that tree looked at, fast! Why the urgency? Because, these signs can easily let you know that you may have a problem, which can result in falling tree(s). When a tree falls, without being properly taken down, it cause damage to people or your property.
  • Cracks: Some cracks in your tree(s) can be a sign of needed attention. Although some cracks are normal, others can be a sure sign of damage. This can be determined by the depth of the crack itself and how long it's been unattended. Cracks should not be ignored. Be sure to call The Arbory for all of your tree removal needs in Aiken GA, Augusta, Evans, Thomson, Beech Island, Harlem and the CSRA.
  • Decay: Tree Removal Aiken GA | Augusta GA - One of the more difficult to identify, but just as important, signs of a damaged or dying tree is decay. Dead branches and soft wood are a couple of identifiable areas of decay. Decay affects the tree from the inside and expands outwards, making this more difficult for the property owner to detect. Have The Arbory come and take a look at your tree(s) on your property. The Arbory is a full-service tree company in Aiken GA, Augusta, Evans, Beech Island and the CSRA.


Preventing Tree Disease and Damage

Tree Removal Aiken GA - Preventing tree disease and damage can help to extend the life of your tree(s). The best strategy is always to let one of our tree technicians come out and check for disease or damage to determine whether tree removal in Aiken GA is needed or if the tree(s) just need some attention. However, here's a few ideas to help you along the way:

  • Weather: Droughts and other extreme weather can promote tree disease and damage. During extreme weather, your property takes quite a beating and may need some attention. Be sure and look all of your trees over on your property for new damage.
  • Pruning: Professional tree pruning in Augusta, Aiken, Thomson, Harlem, Evans, Beech Island and the CSRA - Pruning is best left to the professionals, as improper pruning can cause more damage than good. Keeping the trees on your property pruned promotes overall health for your trees.

Contracts are important so you and the tree removal company are both in agreeance on what needs done, how it will be done and when it will be done by. The Arbory offers all of our clients a solid contract, with highly competitive pricing.


Let The Arbory Help!

The most important part of maintaining your tree(s) on your property is letting The Arbory help out. Whether you need tree removal in Aiken GA, Augusta and the CSRA or just a basic checkup, The Arbory has you covered! Below is just a few ideas of what we can help with:

  • Tree Removal in Aiken GA, Augusta, Thomson, Evans, Beech Island, Blythe, Grovetown, Appling and the CSRA.
  • Pruning Services
  • Checking for Tree Disease
  • Professional Equipment and Utilities
  • Risk Assessment
  • Tree Stump Removal in Aiken and the CSRA
  • Tree Rigging, Venting, Cabling and More

Insured Tree Removal Aiken GA | Augusta GA and CSRA

Our tree technicians at The Arbory have over 30 years of experience, all the proper equipment and knowledge to safely take care of your property. Call The Arbory today for your free consultation: