With our weather lately, there’s no telling if there’s going to be a flood in a certain area or not. Being prepared is exactly why it’s important to call The Arbory today and get your property in Augusta GA | CSRA into a safe condition.

Below, we help you to get familiar with some of the issues that can come from flooding in Augusta GA | CSRA:

Overall Stress:

Flooding is never a friend to any homeowner / property owner and is well known to cause flood damage in Augusta GA | CSRA. When it comes to emergency tree service in Augusta GA and CSRA, stress from flooding can play a serious role.


Storms and flooding in Augusta typically leads to limiting the amount of oxygen soil will get. Having problems with your soil just after a storm can be a clear sign that it’s time to call The Arbory Tree Service in Augusta GA | CSRA.

Root Damage:

Much like other plants, tree roots can have a decline in growth, due to flooding. Not only that, but a series of very unhealthy issues can be caused by untreated trees with root damage. This includes Fungus and other problems tend to occur, so it’s best to call a professional tree service in Augusta GA | The Arbory.

Tree Uprooting / Toppling:

An uprooted tree always requires tree service in Augusta GA | CSRA, and can usually cause further damage. Flooding and high winds can lead to uprooting / toppling. For a quick and free consultation, give The Arbory Tree Service Augusta GA | CSRA a call!

After heavy rainstorms and floods, reports of fallen trees will start pouring in. As the soil around the tree becomes soaked with water, it can loosen around the roots and even wash away. The roots normally help anchor the tree so that it stays relatively stable in light winds. With the loss of soil, however, the tree shifts more and may fall over. Give the professional's at The Arbory Tree Service a call for storm clean up or go ahead and prevent a disaster before it happens for tree removal. (706) 830-0365

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