Tree Care | Service in Augusta GA - CSRA is a typically overlooked part of taking care of your yard or property. Homeowners and landowners in the CSRA | Augusta area must provide maintenance as trees are not meant to be in such controlled / limited areas. Trees, much like many other things, are meant to be able to grow without interfence. With scheduled tree care services in Augusta | CSRA, your trees can be just as healthy as they would be growing on their own accord in wide open areas. Below, you will find several symptoms that can cause your trees to be unhealthy:

Landscaping | Lawn Maintenace Equipment:

Most of widely used lawn and landscaping equipment can do considerable damage to trees and tree roots, resulting in an immediate need for tree service in Augusta | CSRA.

When a tree is damaged by equipment, they can cause damage to the flow of water to the tree itself. The flow of water the tree receives is a major part in keeing your trees healthy. As well as providing a convenient area for fungi and other threatening organisms.


Too much or not enough water can also effect the growth and health of your tree.

Professional tree service in Augusta GA | CSRA takes the guesswork out of irrigation issues by not only servicing your trees but we will also advise you proper irrigation techniques specific to your property / yard.

Planting Depth:

planting a tree on your property too far down can also cause potential problems for your trees. A tree planted too far down causes the roots to not get enough water, warmth and oxygen, stunting their growth at the least. The Arbory Tree Service in Augusta | CSRA has the knowledge and know-how to determine tree health issues. Give us a call or contact us today for your free consultation.

Bad Pruning:

One of the most common problems with tree service is when a company or person performs bad pruning. Permanent damage is possible when improper pruning is performed. We strongly recommend to let The Arbory Tree Service take care of your pruning services.

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